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02-23-2009, 01:42 AM
there are few ways to download files simultansely from megaupload and other sharing system using proxys

the first method

ill describe the one i use

the configuration

first of all u need a good proxy list
u can get them and check manauly or
u can use proxy managers which makes it allot more easy

download a proxy manger
like "proxy manager" or "smart proxy helper"
theres a very comperhensive list at
for the proxy resources
google for "proxy list"
and in the site navigate to the elite or anonymous proxy lists pages
and add the pages urls to the web resources in the proxy manger
next check them

second stage is using the proxy in firefox togther with the download manger

for firefox u need to download the "switchproxy" plugin at
(*it doesnt work to well with firefox 1.5 ...but thats the only program for fast proxy switching).
and the "flashgot" plugin at

and to download a download manger wgich supports more than one proxy
like "flashget" or "netants"

next u pick 20 or 30 proxys from the premade list
and configure both of the programs (switchproxy and fleshget) with the same proxys
1.confoguring "switchproxy"
just press add in the tollbar and input the proxy
2.configuring "flashget"
open flashget > tools >options >proxy>add>
choose HTTP <get> and input the proxy

*use the same names in both progs

before u use it u need to clean your cookies and disable them

now the method itself

now put switch proxy on the first proxy
and access the link u want to download ...wait the time needed
and click "flashgot link"
when the download manger pops up
go to "advecnd" tab and at the http proxy pick the same proxy u
used with "switchproxy" in firefox

if instead the file it downloads the redirecting page
1.then the site can see through your proxy
2.check cookies
3.flashget isnt using the proxy
4.switchproxy is miconfigured

in flashget u can download up to 8 files simultansly
the total download speed is pretty high
its something like that

(megaupload speed/proxy speed)*8

if one of the downloads is to slow u need to change proxy for that download

that first method is good for the day when u want somthing to be downloaded and fast

the second method

the second method is for the night when u want to stock downloads and go to sleep

download the USdownload (universal sharing downloader) and the most up to date plugins from here

how to use

just choose a dir to where u want to download.
stock some links and press go
wait for the downloding itself to start and go to sleep

*this method works for now but it may cease working any day
*it works for megaulpoad at the date im writing this
*but i dont know if it works for other sites

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