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02-23-2009, 01:44 AM
1š STEP: Download http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/fdminst.exeFree Download Manager

2š STEP: Standard Configuration Now we go to configure in a general way the FDM so that you it does not need to configure all time that will be to download an archive in brturbo

Click in the border OPTIONS and next in Default download settings. the following screen will go to appear:


Configures in the following way the options of the border CONNECTION:


Pause between the connection attempts: 1 (this is the interval enters the attempts of connections

Maximun Numbers of attempts: Uncheck this item so that the FDM tries to connect infinitely

Timeout [in seconds]: 1200 (maxime time of wait for connection. I use 1200s = 20 minutes can place higher values if you want)

The others itens of this border can be the same form.

Now, open the border PROTOCOL


Identify on server as: Microsoft InterNet Explorer 5,0 (brtubo goes to think that download is being made for the InterNet Explorer)

The border PROXY remains in the form that is. Donīt modifies it.

Now, open the border MISCELANEOUS


In this border we only we need uncheck the options: "File Not Found" and "Access Denied"

With this configuration I obtain to lower normally in brturbo. Some days brturbo can be bad for some people. This is normal. Is not and problem of the FDM.

Just wait the download begins. It can be late, but works.

BioDuo, se quiser pode corrigir qualquer erro por gentileza, pq eu usei um tradutor.

Please code ALL your links in future. Thanks!
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