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02-23-2009, 01:55 AM

Tagged by Rich Ferguson

Getting a prediction onto a spectator's body is not easy. Until Now.
His effect is absolutely mindblowing. I used the method to have a spectator think of a word, have it appear on their arm, and then have it also be on everyone in the room's arm. It has been one of the greatest moments I have ever had in performing magic. I cannot wait to buy the official release!
-Matt Sconce

* * Winner of the iTricks.com 2008 Trick of the year * *

Rich has been writing on spectators for years. In fact, when he walked into the Ellusionist Studio to film the project, he walked up to Brad Christian and instantly tagged Brad.

Brad had no idea. No one EVER does.

* Get your number on a girl's arm and as you walk away, say, 'Oh, can I give you my number?'
* Have someone think of any word or image and have it appear on them.
* Have one person send a thought to someone else and the thought they 'send' materializes onto the receiving spectator...
* A selected card appears on a spectator...
* A dictionary is borrowed!... the pages are flipped through and you are told to stop. THEY point to a word, it is written on them. This is a KILLER.

In this DVD you'll explore multiple street performances and break-downs by Rich in highlighted detail. By the time you are finished you'll be able to tag anyone with predictions, reveals, book test effects, and your phone number - ANYTHING! Psychological tips, NLP and interactive tests are included to enhance any of your mentalism. All reputation makers.

So, go forth and TAG people my friend. Let them be TAGGED.

More Info:
http://www.ellusionist.com/product/dvd+training/general-other/tagged-by-rich-ferguson.do?search=basic&keyword=tagged&sortby=new Arrivals&page=1

Size: 623mb


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