View Full Version : Using PNG And ICO Icons

02-23-2009, 01:56 AM
A lot of people asking the same and same question, again and again so when plantzz told me, I searched net and then here it is.

To assign png icons to your folders, you have to convert them into ICO format.

OK. To convert PNG to ICO, you can either convert single files on this website http://converticon.com/
or you can convert by downloading software at the same site, AveIconifier!
it can convert multiple icons at once.

Look everyone, I haven't downloaded this software and checked if its free of any malware so don't blame me. sorry, bcause i live without any antivirus on my pc :D. if you download then please scan it first and also please tell me if it's riskfree. here is tutorial from where i found this download link. or if you don't trust me, then search google.


Now to assign converted icons to any folder, just right-click folder and then click properties. go to customize tab and in last section under folder icon, click change icon. browse to where you've put your converted icon and then double click on it. click ok and you'll see your folder icon changed into your converted icon. it's for xp.
I don't know how to do it on any other system. so please don't ask me for those. If you need any other help just pm me!