View Full Version : Hack Far Cry 2 and get unlimited... EVERYTHING (Revised)

02-23-2009, 03:14 AM
Since I never look for trainer, I make my own, something like this. Also I didn't find any good (or any) Far Cry 2 Trainers so this is a way to hack the game like trainers do, but do it yourself.

This works for any game, not just Far Cry 2.

Videos 37mb, try to keep it really small but detailed.

Rapidshare (High quality) Original

YouTube (Low quality) Original

EDIT: 11/2/2008
Some people having problems with this method, I completely reshot and rewrote everything, its about the same as the Original, but is extend showing that after you buy the items they do show up and get updated. This video is about 2mins longer but size is also bigger.

Rapidshare (High Quality) Revised and extended

YouTube (Low Quality) Revised and extended