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02-23-2009, 03:15 AM
How To Set Your Burner's Bitsetting/Booktype To DVD-ROM!
Created by Legend

*Note*If you have already burned a working XBOX 360 game then this is not needed at all as some burners auto-change the bitsetting/booktype to DVD-ROM when it burns anyway.

*Note*Some burners bitsetting/booktype cannot be changed via DVDInfoPro. You will need to find an alternative method of changing it. Normally the company that makes the burner will have a downloadable tool on their support website that you can download (free and legally).

Once you have set the bitsetting/booktype to DVD-ROM you should never have to do it again, unless you change it back later of course.

What is bitsetting/booktyping and what has it got to do with the xbox360?
Basically, when you put an original 360 game in the console it looks at the disc, the discs reports it's bitsetting/booktype to the 360 as "XBOX360". The way the hacked FW works is it tricks the console into thinking "DVD-ROM" is really "XBOX360". So when you burn a game as a "DVD-ROM" and insert it into the console it looks at it and sees "DVD-ROM" but the FW tells it that "DVD-ROM" is the same as "XBOX360" and then it boots the game.

*Note* Newer firmware’s do not require the bitsetting/booktype to be set. But hey, if you only have to do it once then you might as well do it and not have to even think about it ever again. Although, if you have one of the earlier FWs, then you will need to do this or the games won't work (if they do, then your burner auto sets itself.)

What you will need:
-Dual Layer Burner

You will need to have DVDInfoPro installed on your PC. You can use a 30 day trial to set it if you need/want to since you don't really need to change it again in the future.

Step 1:
Open up DVDInfoPro and it should look something similar to this:


Step 2:
Now click the "+RW" icon


Step 3:
Select the DVD-ROM and set it as your defualt booktype for Dual Layer media. Once you have set it, you should see that the current setting for +RDL Default reads: DVD-ROM


Your done! ;)