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02-23-2009, 03:16 AM

Google - Finding Admin Info - Tutorial



Salutations my Friends! Welcome to "Google - Finding Admin Info!" in which you will learn about the power of google! No i cannot promise you great results for this or a money back guarantee but if you look enough into this you can learn a great deal and maybe even find something interesting!

I will list various sections for you with around 4-5 basic commands that you can use.

Like always this will be really simple as long as you know how to... To start go to google.com (or really any other language google) and start typing in the commands that i will list further down. Click search and check out what you can find.


Files containing admin info

intitle:index.of haccess.ctl (frontpages htaccess file)
inurl:main.php phpMyAdmin (some phpadmin panels)
intitle:index.of dead.letter (unfinished email saved on unix servers with info)
intitle:index.of inbox (will check server for emails)
"HTTP_FROM=googlebot" googlebot.com "Server_Software=" (trace information that a googlebot collected about sites)

Login Portals

inurl:/admin/login.asp (common target for sql injection)
inurl:"exchange/logon.asp" OR intitle:"Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Logon" (outlook express login)
filetype:php login (intitle:phpWebMail|WebMail) (phpwebmail gate)
filetype:cfg login "LoginServer=" (ultima online game logins haha)
"Login to Usermin" inurl:20000 (simple login search)

Sensitive directories

intitle:index.of.secret (what may we find in folders called secret?)
intitle:"index.of.personal" (interesting stuff in "personal")
"index of cgi-bin" (cgi bin normaly contains website info)
"index of" inurl:recycler (trash might be interesting)
inurl:index.of.password (index of password files)

Online shop Info

inurl:"shopadmin.asp" "Shop Administrators only" (admin logins)
inurl:"/database/comersus.mdb" (e-commerce data base)
"More Info about MetaCart Free" (free cart program for online shops)
inurl:shopdbtest.asp (shoptest info might contain info)
intext:"powered by Hosting Controller" intitle:Hosting.Controller (controls the shipping)

Various Online Devices and their control panels

inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis (axis webcams)
intitle:"network administration" inurl:"nic" (Koniak network administration)
intitle:"DVR Web client" (DVR webclient control)
intitle:"ipcop - main" (Icop panel=firewall control)
intitle:"V-Gear BEE" (V-Gee webcams)


The End