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02-23-2009, 03:16 AM
Wii - How to Change your Firmware + how to install VC games

I have noticed that there are NO good guides online to teach people how to downgrade/modify your Wii's firmware.
There is a simple technique that can modify your Wii's firmware to any version between 2.0 to 3.3 (3.2 is the ideal one as it allows you to install Starfall 0.5 which can prevent your Wii from getting bricked).

Please know that if you don't follow these instructions well, you can brick your Wii and I assume no responsibilities for that happening. Please read the instructions twice before going ahead and modifying the firmware of your Wii.

Things you need before starting:
-SD Card (2GB Max)
-Active Internet Connection on your Wii
-Homebrew installed on your Wii

For more information on installing Homebrew, follow the link:

Now, once you have Homebrew installed, download this:


Password: bigjzus@warez-bb.org

1. Extract all the files into the root of your SD Card. All the folders are pre-arranged in the right order so you don't have to place them manually.
2. Place SD Card in the Wii and Turn on your Wii.
3. Open Homebrew and open cIOS/boot.dol
4. Follow the on-screen instructions and it will automatically install IOS36 which is needed to run the downgrader.
5. When this is complete, go back into homebrew and open FWdowngrader 1.2/boot.dol
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to manually update your Wii to the version you'd like. If you have a NTSC-U Console, make sure you choose a 'U' version. If you have a PAL Console, update to 'E' version. (E.g: If you have a 3.3U USA Wii, then change to 3.2U)
7-This can take a while so let it run for about 5 minutes.

TADA! You now have a Wii with your choice of Firmware. You can use this same program to upgrade or downgrade your Wii's Firmware. You can go from 3.3U down to 2.0U back up to 3.2U if you like, it's your choice.

To see a visual, please check out this really useful video:



How To install .wad Virtual Console Games

Wad files are compressed Virtual Console Games. They need Wad installer to be installed onto a Wii. Luckily, this is also included in the pack of files downloadable in this thread. Please do NOT install more games than your wii's internal memory can handle or you WILL BRICK your Wii. Make sure to check your Wii's free blocks of memory to make sure you don't go over. Here are instructions on how to install VC games:

1. Place any .wad game files into the 'wad' folder on the root of your SD card (I have included Mega-man 9 in this pack for you to test - it's already in the wad folder)
2. Launch Homebrew channel.
3. Open Wadinstaller 2.1/boot.elf
4. Follow on-screen intructions.
5. Your games will now be installed. EASY AS PIE ;)

6. IMPORTANT: Read the following about starfall v0.5 to make sure your Wii does NOT brick.


How to install Starfall v0.5

If you'd like to make your Wii as unbrickable and safe as possible, install Starfall v0.5 through the homebrew channel. I have included it in the pack of files. However, starfall will ONLY work on Wii firmwares 3.2U and 3.2E. So make sure to follow the first instructions on how to downgrade your Wii on the top of this page.

1. Launch Homebrew channel.
2. Open starfall v0.5/boot.dol
3. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose what mods you want to install. You can choose to make your Wii region-free, have region-free VC games, automatically skip the update checks on discs, and install a recovery menu. I recommend installing the recovery menu as it allows you to boot straight to a disc without going through the Wii's Menu. That way, if you ever get banner-bircked from installing too many .wad VC games, you can boot into Zelda Twilight Princess and access WAD Uninstaller to uninstall the WADs.


I hope everyone enjoys this guide as I wrote it from scratch. I bricked one of my Wii's by installing too many VC titles so I decided to write a guide to make sure none of you end up with a broken Wii like I did.

A nice thank you would be very pleasant as I'm hoping this might become a sticky.