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02-23-2009, 03:19 AM
Ok this is my mini tutorial i have successfully installed the game and beat it and this is what worked for me. First off i didnt need any mini image from gamecopyworld so you can forget that so here is what i did

most people used Daemon Tools to mount their image of bioshock i used MagicISO virtual drive its free and it works great http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-overview.htm?=shext

So after you mount your image it should take you directly to the install if it don't just click my computers and click on the drive that you set to mount it should say Bioshock so after just click the INSTALL button and let it install its going to take a while so you might as well do some push ups watch some previews of the game or get hyped for it cuz the install takes a while now after the install completes its going to say that it cant find the disk NOW DONT DO A DAMN THING DONT CLICK FINISH DONT DO NOTHING

if the install has taken up your entire screen just click the start button so you can then go into My Computers then your C: drive then your program files then look for the folder titled 2KGAMES now highlight the folder and right click and then CUT now paste the folder to your desktop NOW go back to your Bioshock install and finish the install completely

NOW copy the 2Kfolder and paste it back in the PROGRAM FILES folder
since its a large folder its going to take a few minutes to completely paste, the reason i did this was just in case i would mess up on applying the patch/crack i could just delete the folder and copy and paste the folder i had on my desktop

Now that the 2kgames folder is back in program files you will do the following (same steps from the readme file from darkcoder, gotta give him his props)

Crack Install Instructions:

1) Put "paul.dll" & "Bioshock.exe" in your install folder (backup the originals in case)

2) Run secu.eg.reg (importing it into the registry)

3) Play Bioshock :)


Let me just take you lil deeper in the step by step on where to place the paul.dll and Bioshock.exe files

1)Click 2kgames folder in your program files 2)Click Bioshock Folder 3)Click Builds 4)Click Release 5) Paste the 2 files (paul.dll & Bioshock.exe)

after i installed the paul.dll and bioshock.exe in the install folder
i clicked Bioshock.exe to play the game and it told me i was missing
d3dx9_33.dll file then i installed it and then it told me i was missing another file xinput1_3.dll and i also installed it and boom i was off and running enjoying this great game so here are the 2 missing files just in case anyone runs into the same issue