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02-23-2009, 03:20 AM
Gnomon Workshop Sculpting Comic Book Style with John Brown
Inside “Sculpting Comic Book Style”, John demonstrates how to sculpt a comic book superhero character. Beginning with a special illustrated montage “ORIGINS”, the sculpted character morphs right off the comic book pages into the clay model where the student learns the origins of the character and the importance of creating a backstory for the superhero. Followed by a concept sketch and a scaled illustration, students will quickly learn the essentials of male anatomy through a comparative study, learning how to extrapolate and overemphasize male anatomy to superhero proportions. Other exciting topics include the creative thought process, costuming and sculpting attitude. Developing good work habits for creating these dynamic characters is unveiled step by step.

2 hours of lecture. Widescreen format.
Sculpture Concept
Thought Process
Developing Good Habits
Sculpting Attitude
Lats, Scaps & Traps
Sculpting the Head

01: Prologue-Origins
02: The Concept
03: Getting Started
04: The Thought Process
05: Lats, Traps & Scaps
06: What You Need To Know
07: The Head & Face
08: Veins with Adrenaline
09: Fists of Fury
10: Superhero Threads
11: Final Details

Download link : http://w17.easy-share.com/f/1325961266.html