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02-23-2009, 03:24 AM
Photoshop CS4 New Features
with: Deke McClelland
Running Time: 1.5 hours
Released on: 9/23/2008

In Photoshop CS4 New Features, leading industry expert Deke McClelland covers the latest developments in Adobe€™s powerhouse image editor, Photoshop CS4. Deke explores the new tabbed window interface and the Adjustments and Masks palettes, the enhanced toning tools, content-aware scaling and the latest versions of Camera Raw and Bridge, which prove nearly indispensable to the digital photographer€™s workflow. From the interface to integration, Deke leaves no stone unturned.

Table of contents

* 1. Photoshop CS4 New Features
o Welcome 2:21 26.9 MB
o The new tabbed window interface 5:36 11.9 MB
o Working with panels 3:23 6.4 MB
o Navigation and OpenGL 5:22 13.4 MB
o The new zoom behavior 3:19 5.4 MB
o Bridge 3.0 enhancements 8:36 12.8 MB
o The Adjustments panel 5:24 6.9 MB
o The Target Adjustment tool 7:05 7.9 MB
o The Masks panel 5:22 9.7 MB
o Dragging and dropping between tabs 1:53 3.6 MB
o Smarter Smart Objects 2:46 6.3 MB
o The improved toning tools 5:22 8.5 MB
o Scaling a brush 3:01 5.1 MB
o Spring-loaded tools 2:02 3.9 MB
o Improved Healing Brush previews 2:58 6.7 MB
o Camera Raw 5.0 6:33 16.5 MB
o Panoramic vignette removal 4:49 9.1 MB
o Blending depths of field 3:51 6.4 MB
o Content-aware scaling 7:48 14.2 MB
o Outputting from Bridge 4:19 6.2 MB
o Revamped keyboard shortcuts 5:34 10.5 MB