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02-23-2009, 03:24 AM
Lynda com Flash CS4 Professional Essential Training READNFO-

Release name..: Lynda.com.Flash.CS4.Professional.Essential.Trainin g.READNFO-LiFE
Release date..: 16.10.2008
Type..........: Bookware
Size..........: 9x50
Company.......: Lynda.com
URL...........: http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?ID=660

About: Flash is a powerful multimedia creation tool that can be used to
build simple animations, full-featured applications, and everything
in between. In Flash CS4 Professional Essential Training, Todd
Perkins offers new Flash users a thorough explanation of the
interface, tools, and techniques at the heart of any project.
He shows how to use the latest iteration of the Flash drawing tools
and timeline, work with text and symbols, and create tweens and other
simple animations. Todd also explores multimedia elements like bitmap
graphics, sound, and video. He shows how to use ActionScript 3.0 to
add interactivity to Flash projects, discusses integration with other
Adobe applications, and more. Exercise files accompany the course.

READNFO: There should be Exercise Files for this tutorial but I watched
many Lynda.com tutorials and never used those. And since nobody
released this tutorial properly and I am sure many people want
it as much as I did, enjoy.