View Full Version : [Tutorial] Downloading from RapidShare using IDM

02-23-2009, 03:31 AM
Here's a short tutorial on how to download from RapidShare using Internet Download Manager.

What you'll need
Internet Download Manager 5.8 (full is recommended)
A RapidShare Premium Account
Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

Download IDM:

1. Assuming this is the first time you're installing Internet Download Manager, download it and install it, and apply the patch.

2. After installing, it should integrate with your Internet browser (IE or Firefox). You'll see some new things in your context menu.

3. Open up IDM and you'll see this interface.

4. (optional) Go to Downloads -> Options, and then go to the File Types tab. Delete all of the file extensions in the first box and all of the URLs in the second box. Doing this will prevent IDM from downloading every single file you click when downloading from IE or Firefox.

5. Go to the Site Logins tab. Press the New button. Change the URL type from ftp:// to http://. Type in rapidshare.com in the box after the URL prefix. Then type your premium login, with the numbers as your username and your password in the remaining boxes.

6. (optional) In the main IDM Window, you may want to edit your categories a little bit if you want to be organized. Otherwise, the downloads will end up in My Documents\Downloads\*category*.

7. To download from RapidShare directly instead of getting past a page with captchas, log into your RapidShare account from your browser. Go to options, and check the box with Direct Downloads.

8. Now test it out. Find an app with a few more than 2 links hosted on RS. Highlight a whole list in your browser, right click the list of URLs and then click Download with IDM. You should see a batch download window with the correct file sizes.
If you don't see that, but you get HTML files abroad, something might be wrong with your login. If you see some files with correct sizes but some with HTML, they may be have been removed by RapidShare or the server may be down (which isn't likely).

9. Check all of the boxes that you wish to download and set a download location. They will be put into a queue in IDM.
Go back to the IDM main window and then in the Category sidebar, open up Queues. Right click Main Download queue and then click Start Now. All of the files should be downloading.
You can also configure the queue to download a certain number of files at a time. Right click the queue in the Category sidebar and then click Edit Queue. Then you can tune it to your needs. Don't forget to press Apply in the window when you're done tuning settings.

10. Don't forget that RapidShare is also resume supported. You can pause the download in IDM and resume it later. IDM is also convenient because it uses multiple download streams and speeds up the download.

I think that's all for my tutorial, and I hope that it helps!