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02-23-2009, 03:32 AM
Unpacksdc - Tutorial

What is MSDNAA?

Microsoft presents the MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDN AA) Program.

What is an SDC file?

The .SDC file format is a Secure Download Cabinet file. It is an encrypted and compressed file format for Internet delivery of the products.

How to decompress SDC files?
Keep the “unpacksdc.exe” in the folder which has “.sdc” files
unpacksdc filename.sdc C:\


The Unpacker and multi-part SDC files
copy /b filename_1.sdc+filename_2.sdc filename_merge.sdc
unpacksdc filename_merge.sdc C:\



SDC unpacking problems
Use sdc unpacker without skipcrc switch, so the file is validated before unpacking
If you get “CRC error” it means that the file is broken and unpacker won’t be able to unpack its contents (but try decompressing the files with “skipcrc”)
Try downloading the file again, maybe using other source

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