View Full Version : How do you post music to please as many ppl as possible

02-23-2009, 03:35 AM
After a few last encounters i would like suggest the following

For music uploads

1. Rip the cd at 1 bitrate for all tracks
i never understood why 1 album has tracks from 128-320 kpbs, if you listen to it you need to put it true a filter to get everything at the same volume level

2. Name the tracks, artist and title and if possible use a - between both, easy if you need to change the tag

3. You reach a bigger audience if the quality of the music is good so better +192 than 128-160

4. Put the quality and the type of music file you uploaded or posted (in kbps and mp3/wav/ect..
just downloaded 1.4 gig of what i thought a greath topic and all rips were at 128, other day i had wma without any mentioning at all so...

5. Read you're post before to let it go, there are still so much mistakes with forgotten links or double links in the topic. If the search is down like now, it take hrs to find the post again to see who made the mistake, the downloader or the one who put the topic on the board.

Seems a bit hush hush to post this but after deleting more than 8 gigs only this week i guess lots of others have same problems with this and it would be nicer to keep things clean, clear and orderly

Thx for you're attention

Have Fun
Music is my Life
Worf 8-)